Jazz Lane Band


Here are some of the commonly asked questions – if you require any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us!



• Why should I take JAZZ LANE?

JAZZ LANE will provide unique atmosphere of elegance and sophistication for your event whatever the occasion. We are professional musicians with many years of performance experience, both in the UK and abroad. Playing together on numerous occasions over the years means that we have developed a unique sound that sets us apart from other function bands and delivers a smooth and memorable experience. Our repertoire is carefully selected with impeccable musical taste and will seamlessly blend into the fabric of your event.

We are extremely flexible, and can transform from a solo piano for a guest greet reception to instrumental trio playing over dinner to a full quintet for a busy corporate night.

We can provide a top quality PA to ensure the best possible sound on the night and remove any hassle for you – we would only need a couple of power sockets to plug in!

We pride ourselves on our personal and friendly service. We receive many comments on how easy we are to contact and discuss your event. We treat every event separately to ensure you have a perfect musical background for YOUR special occasion.

• What events can benefit from JAZZ LANE?

Please check our special Your Event page

• How do I book the band?

Please get in touch with a brief description of your event, line-up you would prefer and your requirements/ideas via any of the contact means listed here. We will respond as soon as possible and always within 24 hours with availability and a quote. Our quote is always final and includes all the costs payable. Once we’ve agreed the fee and any additional details we will require a 25% deposit to secure the booking after which we provide a contract to sign. Once this is done – the booking is confirmed and the dates are in the diary! The remaining balance is due before or on the day of the performance.

• How much does it cost to book the band?

Cost of the performance can vary quite a lot depending on the location, performance duration, equipment required, line-up and sometimes time of the year – you can find some more information including line-up options here. We are very competitive on price and quite a bit cheaper than what most function bands charge. You would be pressed to find a better deal (let us know if you do!:) – you get some of the best UK musicians at a very reasonable cost. We respond to all booking enquiries very quickly and always within 24 hours. Our quote is always final and includes all the costs payable.

• Can I see the band live before making a booking?

Unfortunately, majority of our bookings are private functions so it is often not possible to see the band perform live before booking us. However be assured that our audio and video recordings on this website are a very good representation of what we sound like – these are always recorded live, at actual concerts or at a studio. We do try to do a public performance whenever possible and the details of any performances will be always listed on our Facebook page.

• How far do you travel?

We are based in London but often travel up to 150 miles from London. We are also happy to travel further than this, though we may need to arrange overnight accommodation which would incur additional charges. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

• If I represent a venue or I am a promoter/agent is it possible to agree a regular arrangement?

Absolutely! We are very flexible on the schedule and will happily accommodate a regular booking. We provide special rates for recurring bookings – please get in touch to discuss.

• Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we require a 25% deposit to secure the booking.

• Is it possible to cancel?

We understand that circumstances may change – we offer some of the most flexible cancellation terms, although we’d be very sad for an event not to happen!
If you cancel:
• more than 60 days prior to the event – your deposit will be fully refunded,
• 30 to 60 days prior to the event – 50% of your deposit will be refunded,
• 14 to 30 days prior to the event – deposit becomes non-refundable,
• less than 14 days prior to the event – you are liable for the full amount of the booking!

• Are you insured?

Yes, the band holds a Public Liability Insurance policy and all of our electrical equipment is regularly PAT tested.
Please ask us if you need any further details.


• How long does the band play for?

Standard performance duration is 2 sets of 60 mins each (2×60 min) with a short interval in between or 3 sets of 40 mins (3×40 min). However, we are happy to provide any performance/set arrangements – please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

• Will music be loud?

The band will always play at a level which will enable your guests to mingle and talk to each other comfortably unless otherwise requested. We treat every event as special – we always adjust our performance, set list and music flow to find the perfect match for the atmosphere you desire. If you have any particular requirements or concerns – just tell us!

• How late can the band perform?

Generally all of our quotes assume a performance finishing before midnight; however if you want us to go on longer, this should be possible but there may be an additional charge. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

• Can we use your microphone for speeches?

Yes, this should not be a problem – however, please note that we do not use a wireless microphone hence any speeches would need to be done from the performance area.

• Can we specify a dress code?

We are happy to accommodate any dress code requirements you might have – formal, smart casual, informal – to best match your event. Just let us know when you make the booking.

• What happens between sets?

We are happy to play some background music from an iPod in the spirit of JAZZ LANE at no extra charge. If you have compilation of songs you would like to play in the interval(s) we can always plug in your laptop, mp3 player or iPod.

• What about requests or “first dance”?

When you book the band you are more than welcome to look through our repertoire and highlight any songs you particularly do or do not want us to play. Sometimes additional requests might possible provided they fit the band style and line-up. We will always do our best to accommodate your requirements where we can but please get in touch as soon as possible to discuss as we have a busy schedule. We require a minimum of 3 weeks’ notice and there might be an extra charge.


•How long does the band need to set up and pack up?

The band needs a minimum of 30 minutes for set up and quick sound-check, although 45 minutes are preferable as it allows musicians to set up at a non-stressful pace and have a quick break before the performance. It usually takes only 25-30 minutes to pack up once the band finished playing.

•How much space does the band need and what are technical requirements for its performance?

The minimum space requirement is approximately 3×3 meters; however we are used to squeezing into small spaces to will do our best wherever we are! We will require a minimum of 2 standard power sockets near the performance area.

•Do I need to provide any equipment?

If you already have a PA system available at the venue we will be happy to use that subject to agreement and pass on the savings to you. If a PA system is not available we can provide our own – it’s a very compact yet powerful system providing excellent sound for any venue! Please let us know at the time of booking and also tell us is if there are any sound restrictions at the venue.

•Can you play outdoors?

Yes, weather permitting (dry and not too cold) – but only if there is adequate cover over the performance area. This is to protect our equipment against sun and rain, which can get in the way of a good performance! We will also require a minimum of 2 standard power sockets near the performance area.

•Do you need parking?

Yes, we will require at least two parking spaces – please let us know as soon as possible if that might be a problem.

•Do you have any other requirements?

As evening performance mean a long working day we always appreciate being provided with food – please let us know at the time of booking if that is not possible. We require some water or soft drinks at all events.

Important information

• If any of the requirements above are not possible, it is not necessarily a problem – but please let us know in advance before confirming the booking and we will do our best to accommodate.
• It is client’s responsibility to ensure that JAZZ LANE repertoire and style of music is suitable for the event, using the video/audio demos and set list provided on our website.
• Please be aware that on rare occasions JAZZ LANE might use deputy musicians in case of band members’ illness or unavailability. We only work with the best UK musicians – so be assured that if that’s the case any deputies will be at least as good as the musicians in our demo recordings and you will always get the highest quality music performance for your event.